66, Nezavisimosti ave., 220072, Minsk
Telephone code: 375(17)


Chairman of the Scientific Council of BRFFR,
Director of the Executive Board
Sergey V. Gaponenko
tel. 284-07-42, fax 284-08-97, room 101
Deputy Director of the Executive Board
Nikolai N. Kostyukovich
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
tel. 284-25-08, room 111
Assistant to the Chairman   
Nataliya N. Polovinko
tel.(fax) 284-09-24, room 112
Chief Accountant
Svetlana N. Kupchevich
tel. 294-92-15, room 114
Heads of the scientific sections:
Physics, Mathematics and Informatics
Olga N. Mazurenko
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
tel. 294-92-16, room 106
Technical sciences    
Valeriy V. Kruchinski
PhD in Technical Sciences
tel. 284-27-22, room 116
Chemistry and Earth Sciences
MPS sciences
Oksana F. Lakhvich
PhD in Chemical Sciences
tel. 294-93-36, room 103
Agrarian and biology sciences
Elena T. Titova
PhD in Biological Sciences
tel. 294-92-17, room 103
Dina P. Rybka
PhD in Philosophy
tel. 284-06-38, room 106

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