The Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR) was created on May, 1991. It is the oldest scientific fund on the territory of the CIS countries. The Foundation is governed by the Scientific Board consisting of 36 members, who are the most authoritative scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, universities, and industrial and medical research organizations of Belarus. The BRFFR acts under supervision of the Board of Trustees. The BRFFR independently determines the forms and procedures of its activities, and cooperates on the basis of mutual benefit and possession of equal rights with legal entities and natural persons of the Republic of Belarus, as well as with international and foreign organizations and funds. Financial resources of BRFFR are formed from the national budget and dues of organizations and private persons.

The main object of the BRFFR activity is the financial support (on a competitive basis) of fundamental research and pre-discoveries fulfilled by the Belarusian scientists in the areas of priorities in mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, engineering, earth sciences, biological, medical, agrarian sciences, and the humanities.

Every year, the BRFFR finances more than 1000 two-year scientific projects. Thousands of researchers from more than 100 research and development institutions, universities, and other Belarusian organizations take part in their implementation. Every year, the BRFFR announces local and international calls as well as separate calls for the projects of young scientists. Last years, more than 800 projects were submitted for these calls annually, about 40 50 % of these were approved by the Scientific Council.

In 1991–2019 the BRFFR announced nearly 270 calls for research projects. About 20,000 applications from more than 190 organizations of the Republic of Belarus were reviewed. And over 8200 projects were accepted (including 2269 projects by young scientists).In addition every year the BRFFR supports on a competitive basis symposiums and conferences held in Belarus. Totally 559 grants were awarded for the whole time. The BRFFR also supports the participation of the Belarusian scientists in international scientific events (567 grants delivered). An important field of the BRRFR activity is a financial support of scientific publications (monographs mainly) elucidating the modern problems of international and Belarusian science, topics of economic and cultural development of Belarus (365 grants).

The BRFFR establishes direct relations with foreign and international foundations, organizations, and scientific centers, and signs agreements on cooperation and joint calls for bilateral scientific projects. The reconstruction and extension of a common scientific and technological field and restoration of lost scientific contacts on the territory of CIS are considered as a matter of a primary importance.

Every year the BRFFR finances more than 500 international projects. In the frameworks of these projects the Belarusian scientists fulfill joint research with colleagues from more than 25 countries. The BRFFR issues regularly the journal “The Bulletin of the Foundation for Fundamental Research” publishing scientific papers, calls for projects, and lists of grants awarded. The journal informs about international experience and current activities of the BRFFR. From 1994, the BRFFR has issued an annual collection “The Main results of fundamental research and search scientific works», comprising resulting annotations of the completed projects. These collections put special emphasis on the prospects of practical applications of scientific results obtained.

Future trends of BRFFR’s activity are directed to further development of mutually beneficial international scientific cooperation, all-possible support of scientific investigations in regions of Belarus, creation of favorable conditions for professional advancement of young researchers, and solutions of the most actual scientific-technical, economic, and social problems of the country.

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