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Director of the Executive Directorate


Sergey Vasilievich GAPONENKO

Sergey Vasilievich Gaponenko (b.05.06.1958), physicist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2014; corresponding member since 2004), doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (1996), professor (2008).

Sergey V. Gaponenko was born in Minsk. In 1980, he graduated from the Belarusian State University and began working at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences, and then at the Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, where he was deputy director for scientific work (1997–99), acting director (1999–2000), director (2000-2007). At the same time, from 2001 to 2018, he headed the laboratories of nanooptics (from 2007, he was part of the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Belarus). Since 2014, he has been chairman of the Scientific Council of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Basic Research (BRFFR), director of the BRFFR Executive Directorate.

Sergey V. Gaponenko conducted scientific research in the field of physics of nanostructures and optics of condensed structures.

He set up the role of impurity recombination in the formation of nonlinear optical properties of semiconductor crystals.

He was the first scientist discovered and investigated the inhomogeneous broadening of the optical spectra of semiconductor nanocrystals in dielectric matrices, and established a number of fundamental laws governing the evolution of the properties of nanoparticles during the transition from low-atomic clusters to bulk solids.

He investigated the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with quantum systems under conditions of spatial limitation of electromagnetic waves.

He suggested using colloidal crystalline nanostructures as a prototype for creating "photonic crystals", discovered and investigated the change in the probability of quantum transitions of molecules in such nanostructures, due to a change in the density of photonic states.

On the base of the analysis of quantum processes in nanostructures, he proposed a mechanism for enhancing resonant and Raman scattering of light in nanostructures, as well as practical methods for increasing the sensitivity of giant Raman spectroscopy and the efficiency of light-emitting solid-state structures.

He established the basic laws of radiation propagation in nanostructures with fractal geometry, proposed principles for coding information based on the characteristic spectra of classical waves and quantum particles in nanostructures.

In 2010 Sergey V. Gaponenko was awarded the Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. And in 2017 he got the Francis Skorina Medal.

The author of about 200 scientific works, including 3 monographs. Under his editorship, foreign publishing houses published 6 digest of scientific works on the physics of nanostructures.

The highest collegial governing body of the Fund is the Scientific Council, which is formed of leading scientists - representatives of fundamental sciences who are specialists in different fields of science.

The competence of the Scientific Council is:

1. Ensuring the observance of the goals and subject of activity established by the Charter of the Found;

2. Determining the main directions and methods of the Fund’s activities;

3. Announcing calls for fundamental scientific research projects;

4. Approving the terms and conditions for the calls;

5. Preparing the rules of submission;

6. Holding the examination procedure;

7. Summarizing the information about ongoing calls;

8. Making decisions on the amount of funding for selected fundamental research projects and the size of grants.

The Scientific Council performs its functions on a voluntary basis.

The structure of the Scientific Council is approved by the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus for a period of five years. From the members of the Scientific Council sections are formed in the fields of science, taking into account the list of priority areas of scientific research of the Republic of Belarus.

The Bureau of the Scientific Council is formed to solve current problems in the frameworks of the competence of the Scientific Council of the Foundation. The Bureau of the Scientific Council consists of the chairman of the Scientific Council, his deputy, chairmen of sections of the Scientific Council, and also the deputy director of the Executive Directorate.

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